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Reod - The Most Talented Dwarf Assassin - STL miniature

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Reod - The Most Talented Dwarf Assassin - STL miniature

8 ratings

When a dwarf is in danger and cannot be rescued by the army, Reod is called upon. Discreet and deadly at small range, he's as good at hand-to-hand combat as he's at shooting.

Reod is a FREE 32mm scale STL miniature made by DropMiniz and designed to be playable in most sci-fi wargames. He's our first futuristic dwarf release and he's part of our brand new sci-fi universe.

After download, you will received this ready to print parts, pre-supported with Lychee Slicer (also available without support in stl format):

  • 2 different bodies
  • 2 different sets of weapons (knives & guns)
  • 40mm round base + Additional Rock

We hope you will enjoy our work. We really want to provide quality and originilaty. Don't hesitate to share your Reod print on your social media and tag us #dropminiz

If you're interested by Sci-Fi dwarves and our universe, check our links, The Most BADASS dwarves of the Galaxy are coming on Kickstarter soon

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Note: We recently updated 3D models for a more lightweight version (16/06/2022)

You are not allowed to sell or distribute @DropMiniz 3D files.

Modifications can be done if the model stay for a private use only. You are not allowed to cast or use our products in mass production and you can't use our models to create new stuff ( even portion of them).

If you share content about Reod, don’t hesitate to credit #DropMiniz and link our Instagram page.

You are not allowed to use our products in any type of project such as crowdfunding projects, board games, crypto, NFT's, ...

All copyrights belong to DropMiniz, our designs, universe and products are protected by intellectual property laws.

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NOTE: These are STL files for 3D printing only, not physical items | We recently updated 3D models for a more lightweight version (16/06/2022)


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